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High quality landscape and commercial phootgraphy
My Passion
Phil Harland - Landscape and Commercial Photographer

I have always had a passion for photography and been fortunate to indulge that through combining business with pleasure. I specialise in landscape and commercial photography, producing high-quality images for a diverse range of clients and which are used on websites, social media, brochures, news and media channels, marketing and advertising materials, books, magazines, calendars and cards.


With years of experience in marketing and advertising, working with multinational organisations and small to medium companies, I know how to present products and services that persuade and influence people. A significant element in that approach is imagery and I have developed a keen eye for photographs that sell a product, service or experience.

Based near Reading, Berkshire in the beautiful countryside of the Kennet Valley, I undertake assignments throughout the UK and being close to the airports and ferries I can easily travel for European and international ones too.


With a love of both fell walking and sailing combined with my passion for photography I am used to living and working in all weather and so it doesn't matter how far flung the location or what conditions are encountered, I will happily get the images you need.

Get Started

If you like the sound of this, get in touch and we can start the process of bringing a fresh new look to your business venture.

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